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CHAI: Community Health Action Initiative

“I was lucky I found SAN. In America, if you have no insurance, you can’t get well.”

Raju S.

Raju came to Los Angeles from Nepal with the hopes of getting treatment for his son, who was suffering from a rare, degenerative medical condition. Instead, he quickly learned how difficult it was to find a treatment center that served the uninsured, a place to live or ways to navigate the city. A neighbor referred him to SAN. SAN’s Health Care Unit staff was able to connect Raju and his son to affordable health care, including surgery, post-operative care and physical therapy. Today, Raju’s son is thriving; he’s growing at the pace of a typical teenage boy, excelling in school and playing for his local soccer team.

CHAI – Community Health Action Initiative seeks to provide and promote healthy living through education, empowerment, and health access for the underserved in the community. CHAI’s goal is to empower South Asian families to adopt healthier lifestyles, access preventative services, and take positive actions on a broad spectrum of health issues.

CHAI offers the following services:

  • Assistance in accessing public benefits and health programs such as Covered CA, Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, My Health LA, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, California Kids, SSI and disability
  • Assistance in accessing and navigating social services for elderly, children
  • Referrals to clinics or free or low cost health services for the eligible
  • Workshops on breast cancer awareness, stress and depression, cardiovascular health, nutrition and health care reform
  • Caregivers support services such as workshops, support groups and case management
  • Older adult support services such as case management and access to resources
  • Older adult walking club (meets Wednesdays and Fridays) at the Artesia Senior Center
  • Language assistance/ interpretation

Last year with your help…

7325 community members received information on health care programs and enrollment.

We enrolled 142 individuals in Medi-Cal and Covered CA.

Accentuating the importance of nutrition, exercise and stress management, we held 17 workshops on health issues endemic to the South Asian American community.

We devoted more than 600 hours of mental health therapy to older adults.

We spent more than 470 hours empowering caregivers with skills to better care for their family members and themselves.


To find out more about health care reform and enroll in public health benefits, please contact Nina at extension 112.