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Emotional and Mental Health

Do you or is anyone you know suffering from sadness, stress, anger, or grief and has not been able to overcome it?

Some signs of stress or depression are: too little or too much sleep, poor appetite, drastic increase/ decrease in weight, nightmares, feeling hopeless and helpless, chest pain, and other physical pain without a medical cause. Our counselors/therapists are here to help.

What is counseling?

Counseling/Psychotherapy is a private and confidential appointment with a professional staff and/ or volunteer with a Masters degree, who is trained to listen to your needs in a non-judgmental manner. This is your time to explore what is causing you to feel unhappy and how you can make things better in your life. Too often, we receive well intended advise from loved ones, when instead all we want is to feel understood. We are hear to listen and help you see your own strengths. You are free to talk about issues revolving around work, family, friends, career, health, trauma, and more.

SAN’s Services

South Asian Network (SAN) provides free to low-cost individual, group, family, and couples counseling. We can assist children, as well as adults. All services are CONFIDENTIAL with a few exceptions, which we will review at your first appointment.

At SAN, we also provide referrals to other mental health professionals, such as a psychiatrist for medication, if requested. However, we do not provide medication services on-site.

For more information, please contact our Clinical Supervisor, Purvi Shahpatel, LCSW at extension 122.

     Some words from Aamir S. one of the many clients who has benefited from therapy:

“Dear SAN,

                It gives me a profound pleasure in bringing this to your kind knowledge that Ms. Rucha of South Asian Network has played a very pivotal and significant role during my therapy session at her office. I came to her when I fell apart, I lost hope, my morale went down, I felt petrified and could not contain myself from being drifted away towards an unknown destination which gave me the impression that the boat I embarked on once with my beautiful wife towards glorious journey finally capsized. The real meaning of life was ebbing away.

Rucha stood by me with great determination, discreetness and magnanimity, gave me great hopes and showed me the beacon. She didn’t leave any stone unturned to heal my pain through her magic words and therapy techniques. Furthermore, I can’t refrain myself from saying that Rucha is wonderful and indispensable for the people specially going through immense pain and emotional tragedy. Her services are indeed meritorious and she is treasure for South Asian Network.

I sincerely want to thank Rucha who is epitome of hope and pride. Thank you South Asian Network for your services. May you all prosper and succeed in your endeavors.