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CRU: Civil Rights Unit

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“I was not just South Asian. I was also queer and undocumented. SAN saw all of me.”

Atul P.

Atul faced verbal insults and physical assaults. His parents rejected him for sullying the family name. He had been persecuted in the past; he feared he could be sent back to Kenya. Atul was an undocumented LGBTQ young adult, seeking asylum in the United States.

SAN successfully guided him through the long, complex and often intimidating asylum process. He received counseling, helping him cope with the abandonment by his family. SAN provided him with hope and a new beginning.

Today, Atul, who was granted asylum, is working in the Los Angeles area and is referring other LGBTQ individuals and survivors of violence to SAN.

The Civil Rights Unit (CRU) believes in organizing from the ground up within the South Asian community and across coalitions and partnerships. Through regular outreach, leadership development and townhalls, CRU seeks to have self-reflexive communities who lead healthy, affordable, safe lives with dignity and respect.

CRU Offers the following services:

  • Monthly naturalization clinics for legal permanent residents who are eligible for US citizenship. Clinic are held both in office and at community centers. Click here for upcoming clinic locations and dates.
  • Case management and legal referrals for workers’ rights, hate crimes, and discrimination.
  • Civic engagement workshops to enable members of the South Asian community to get more involved in their communities.
  • Leadership Development Programs for youth and adults.
  • Voter Engagement. To register to vote click here.

Last year with your help…

We completed 130 naturalization applications.

We conducted 4 focus groups on the importance of voting.

15 Civics and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes were held at our office in Artesia.

We translated voter registration materials into 3 languages.


For information about naturalization clinics, leadership development or other legal referrals for workers’ rights, hate crimes and discrimination, please contact Nutan at extension 100.