AWAZ: Voices Against Violence

“As my father had, I always thought my husband would provide for me financially. No one ever told me that one day I would have to beg for money to feed myself.”

Jaya K.

After getting married in India, Jaya came to the US on a fiancée visa. Her husband, Arun, told her once they were settled in their new home, they would marry again and she would apply for permanent residence. The honeymoon was short-lived. Arun began to physically abuse her, locking her in a room for one year – without any means to communicate with the outside world – and threatening her with jail and deportation.

She wanted to leave, but her family wanted her to stay. They were ashamed and she felt guilty. After being badly beaten, she escaped to the house next door; her neighbor called the police.SAN helped her obtain a restraining order, file for immigration relief and divorce, apply for jobs, access to a temporary cell phone and apply for a donated car.

Today, Jaya is a financially independent, naturalized citizen and an active volunteer in our Survivors’ Support Group.

AWAZ Voices Against Violence is committed to the empowerment of survivors of violence. We address issues of violence – including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, and elder abuse – within the community through outreach, education, case management, and advocacy.

AWAZ offers the following services:

  • Safety planning for survivors and their children
  • Case management and advocacy including shelter placement, court accompaniment, access to public benefits and financial literacy
  • Counseling and emotional support for survivors and their children
  • Access to legal assistance in the areas of family and immigration law
  • Parenting classes
  • Teen dating violence prevention workshops
  • Children’s art workshops
  • Groups for young women being pressured into marriage
  • Interpretation
  • Community workshops to raise awareness about domestic violence and child abuse and the resources available
  • Prevention workshops and activities in collaboration with religious and community leaders

Last year with your help…

In collaboration with religious and community leaders, we conducted 16 workshops on domestic violence awareness attended by 400 men and women.

We provided comprehensive case management and counseling for more than 225 survivors of domestic violence and their children.

We trained 5 survivors of domestic abuse as co-facilitators for 10 violence prevention workshops, reaching 275 men and women.

8 youth were trained to co-facilitate violence prevention workshops reaching 215 young adults.

75 survivors of domestic violence participated in our financial literacy program.


For information about domestic violence services, please contact Asha at extension 111.