RFP: Citizenship Video for the South Asian Community

About SAN:

The South Asian Network is a 28 year-old non-profit organization advancing the health, well-being, and civil rights of South Asians in Southern California. The Civil Rights Unit at SAN helps legal permanent residents naturalize and become U.S. Citizens.

The intent of this RFP is to invite interested companies to send their proposals for video production services for our citizenship video

  • Purpose: The video will be shown by non-profit organizations across the nation in hopes to encourage and motivate the South Asian Community to naturalize and become United States Citizens. To emphasize the benefits of naturalizing. To remind the SA that they have a voice and it is the time for us to use it. It is important for the national SA community to naturalize and vote! Overall, the goal is to increase the number of lawful permanent residents who apply for citizenship in the SA community.
  • Length: We plan to have two short videos.
    • The first will be up to three minutes and will highlight the benefits of naturalizing. It will be an inspirational, family themed short, compiling stories from people who have naturalized.
    • The second video will be no more than two minutes. It will be an animation of the naturalization process from beginning to end.
  • Location: We would like to shoot the video on local streets and monuments across the nation. Our committee members are open to location suggestions
    • How do we capture the diversity of our community and committee from across the country while maintaining the quality and narrative of the video?
  • Style: Motivational
    • The first video will be a live-action video of reasons and benefits of naturalizing
      • We are looking for a feel similar to Mitra Films Strike Out AIDS video. It has an inspirational and community feel.
      • http://www.mitrafilms.tv/strike-out-aids/
    • The second video will be a 2D animation of the naturalization process from start to finish
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oufbHSMY0U0
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPHffKYSFH8
  • Actors: We are planning to use clients that have used our services to naturalize.
  • Narration: We will highlight various south Asian languages in our video. Our clients will be giving brief testimonials of how citizenship has benefitted them. One will talk about being able to bring family over, one will talk about being able to vote, one will talk about being able to work in federal government, one will talk about a sense of freedom or opportunity, etc. We will use stories from people of different ages. What has changed drastically in their lives since they naturalized.
  • Pricing: We would like to look at bids in several different price ranges.
  • Timeline: We would like to have the videos done by early August.