Volunteering Information

SAN seeks volunteers to assist with our many service and organizing efforts. See potential areas of support and sign up using the form below. We train you and offer great field experience!

Direct Service Opportunities

  • A 6 month commitment is required if you are interested in working directly with SAN clients
  • Must be available to volunteer during office hours on weekdays or Saturday mornings
  • Provide interpretation to clients – in meetings with attorneys and other service providers or in the context of a court hearing
  • Accompany clients to court, self-help centers, meetings with attorneys and other service providers
  • Organized and implement activities for walking club seniors – Wed and Fri mornings
  • Assist clients with other case management or emotional support needs
  • Must be fluent in a South Asian language to work with adult male and female clients

 Administrative Opportunities (Monday-Friday)

  • Data Entry
  • Translate flyers and handouts
  • Make copies of applications, brochures, participant information, etc
  • Create information packets for community outreach
  • Update past participant files and records and help to electronically scan participant files
  • Research foundations, corporations and potential donors
  • Create or update existing workshop materials (handouts, power point presentations) or training curricula on a variety of topics such as leadership development, parenting, healthcare reform, nutrition etc

Special Event Opportunities (As needed)

  • Assist in organizing fundraising/ community outreach events
  • Conduct outreach at cultural and religious festivals to inform community members about SAN’s services
  • Conduct door-to-door outreach to educate community members on healthcare reform
  • Co-facilitate or lead workshops for a variety of audiences such as seniors at SAN’s walking club, domestic violence survivors, caregivers etc (workshops can be on a variety of topics: disease prevention, financial literacy, coping skills, physical therapy etc)
  • Coordinate, organize or co-facilitate broader workshops in community and faith-based spaces on issues such as healthcare reform, immigration, violence prevention, surveillance and civic engagement
  • Assist in gaining and coordinating sponsorships and donations
  • Event promotion: promoting the event through various internet and networking sources, or distributing flyers
  • Day of event opportunities: assisting with set up, activities, silent auction etc


Asha Shendrikar is one of the four people who volunteer in the United States.

Why people volunteer varies from wanting to give back to the community to making a difference to the people around them and from wanting to share their knowledge and skills to something as simple as “because I can.” And in return, they feel better about themselves, improve their physical and mental health, and possibly increase their longevity. Studies show that volunteering triggers the same dopamine pleasure associated with eating chocolate– or spicy foods.

We spoke with Mrs. Shendrikar, one of our many committed, skilled and dedicated volunteers, about her involvement with SAN.

How did you become involved with SAN?

I had time on my hands, was physically able and had experience working in a doctor’s office. My son, who volunteers as a board member, and Manju saw a need I could help with.

What was that need?

In last year’s election, I helped translate election materials into the Hindi-language. I also went to three or four polling places to make sure they were on the tables.


I helped the health program with a medical benefits workshop for 10 women, 60+.  We explained their heatlth care rights in Gujurati and the Hindi-language. Also, in India a doctor is a god; people don’t ask questions. Here, in the U.S., we need to ask questions and wait for the answers. I wanted to empower seniors that come from India and don’t know their rights.

Has volunteering changed you?

After the election I became more politically aware. I went to the library to read about Obamacare. I’m also going to some workshops on health care and will bring that information back to SAN.

Thank you Mrs. Shendrikar and all of our volunteers.