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Internship Program

Organization Description:

SAN is a 30-year-old grassroots, community-based, nonprofit social justice organization dedicated to advancing the health, well-being, and civil rights of South Asians living in Southern California. It is one of the only South Asian organizations of its kind, providing outreach, direct services, and advocacy in three key areas: health and well-being, civic engagement/civil rights, and gender-based violence (sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking). SAN strives to build alliances among the South Asian community, other immigrant communities, and communities of color in order to advance a shared progressive agenda for Southern California.

Internship Description:

The SAN Internship Program aims to give students the opportunity to apply education from the classroom, into real world projects and the organization. Through mentorship and hands on experience, students interested in social justice, policy advocacy or culturally specific services will receive insight into the various parts of organizing – from direct services, to community building, to community education.

Internship Training:

Interns will:

  • Gain insight on various direct services for the South Asian community and how to approach stigmatized topics, such as mental health and gender-based violence, in a culturally specific manner.
  • Learn how to plan and execute workshops and events geared towards South Asian community education.
  • Strengthen understanding of public benefit systems, and learn about the various benefits available to community members, as well as the needs of the community.
  • Have the opportunity to accompany program staff to collaborative meetings to network, and gain more insight on specific initiatives, discussions and policies and how they apply to the South Asian community.
  • Shadow program staff and receive mentor-ship.

How to Apply: To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to: zainab@sansocal.org.
Internships available for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.