SAN Launches Naturalization Campaign

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This week South Asian Network launched its campaign to increase visibility and awareness of the benefits of U.S. citizenship for the South Asian community.

Home Ownership Citizenship Flyer-T

Between 2000 and 2010, around 30,000 legal permanent residents settled in Los Angeles county. Because of cultural and systemic barriers many of these individuals are likely to become part of the 45% (approximately 1.5 million) of South Asian Americans who choose not to naturalize.

Education Citizenship

Many South Asian Americans are unaware of the benefits of naturalizing. In addition to the ability to vote and being able to sponsor family members, there are economic and social benefits. SAN’s campaign highlights the educational disparity between citizens and legal permanent residents (LPRs) as well as the increase to average income earned among naturalized citizens. With U.S. citizenship, South Asian Americans can support their family’s future and improve their quality of living.

Wage Income Citizenship

SAN continues to provide free naturalization services for the community to bypass the more systemic barriers to citizenship. Nearly 25% of South Asian Americans have limited English proficiency and approximately 10,974 live below the poverty line, many of them recently arrived LPRs.

South Asian Network provides application support and legal services for community members, both in language and free of charge in order to reach populations that are in need. In the past year SAN helped complete 137 naturalization applications and 41 application fee-waivers.

For more information on upcoming naturalization clinics or how U.S. citizenship can benefit you, call 562-403-0488 ext 130.

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