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Two Community Alerts:

1. Be Aware of Your Rights

2. We Are ALL Arizona Action Update

1. Update!

In light of the recent events in New York around the Times Square car bomb incident, we may see the FBI and Department of Homeland Security engage in increased surveillance and interrogations within our communities, leading to possible detentions.


If approached by government agents you may choose the following:

·         Do Not Open the Door.  Without a court warrant, no one can enter your home unless you let them in.

·         Talk to them outside.  If you feel that you want to talk to the agents, or if they say they have a warrant and you want to check it, step outside.  Do not let them in the house to talk to them, because if you do this you are giving up the right to keep them out of your home.

·         Ask if you are Free to Leave.  Whenever you speak with any government official, ask if you are free to leave and if the conversation is voluntary.  If they say it is, or if they do not answer, then tell them that you want to talk to them later, with a lawyer.  If you have a lawyer’s card, give it to them and tell them to contact your lawyer.

·         Do Not Lie to the Officers.  Lying to the federal officers is a serious crime, whereas remaining silent is not.  You are better off not answering questions than giving false answers.

·         Send a Citizen or Legal Resident to Talk.  If you want someone to talk to the officers, send a citizen or legal resident to speak with them.  Someone who is not documented should not speak to the agents if possible.

·         Never sign anything without reading, understanding, and knowing the consequences of signing any document.

Citizens and non-citizens have certain constitutional rights.

Please be polite and assert your right.  You have the right to:

§  Remain silent

§  Speak to a lawyer before answering questions

If you have recently been contacted or visited by the FBI, IMMIGRATION, or other LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies or want more information, please contact SAN immediately.

2. We are All Arizona!

On Thursday, May 6, 2010, over 100 community members gathered to support a non-violent civil disobedience outside the Downtown Los Angeles Federal Building.  14 immigrant rights activists and leaders were arrested, processed and are currently being detained.

The “We Are All Arizona 14” and those in solidarity demand:

·         The immediate repeal of SB 1070

·         An end to all racial profiling and the criminalization of our communities

·         An end to ICE and police collaboration, including but not limited to 287g agreements, the Secure Communities Program, and the use of local jail facilities as immigrant detention centers

·         That the Department of Homeland Security make public the location of all detention centers and immediately dismantle them

·         A moratorium on immigration raids, detentions and deportations, as well as their eventual abolition

·         Immediate and unconditional legalization of the millions of undocumented immigrants living in our communities

·         The demilitarization of our borders and immigration control

·         The redistribution of funding and resources away from prison-building, policing and criminalization to social, health and education services, family reunification, ending the backlog in visas and applications for permanent residency and citizenship, and full civil and labor rights protections for all persons, regardless of immigration or citizenship status

Act NOW!

South Asian Network stands in solidarity with all oppressed communities in Arizona and throughout the United States, to demand justice and fairness.  We stand in solidarity to demand an end to State Violence in all it forms, whether its detentions, deportations, raids, surveillance and the move to rid the United States of immigrants and people of color.

Visit the for updates, actions, and alerts.

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